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Welcome to the Schiller Lab

The focus of our research can be described as bionic chemistry.
We take molecular concepts from natural systems and redesign its molecules and functions via a novel approach combining the power of synthetic organic and macromolecular chemistry with synthetic biology and bionanotechnology to ask and answer challenging questions in chemistry, material science, biology and medicine.

Our concepts are applied in analyzing and controlling intracellular networks, especially via genetically encoded protein switches and unnatural amino acids the latter allowing to define posttranlational modifications.
The development and understanding of new catalytic systems in their dynamic range based on, or mimiking enzyme functions (e.g. for green polymer chemistry, renewable materials and biofuel).
Biomimetic platforms for dynamic epitope presentation, the biosynthesis of defined structural and functional molecular building blocks (molecular tectons) e.g. based on elastine like proteins (ELPs) in regenerative medicine as dynamic extracellular matrix systems serving as stem cell niche, as template in biomineralization and as an example for a protein based rubber material and last but not least donut shaped proteins in nanobiotechnology for example as defined biolabeling platforms utilizing quantum dots, molecular electronics and biological solar cells.
Finally rational design of defined protein tectons allows for the in vitro and in vivo self-assembly of higher order structures such as e.g. nanocages or artificial compartments designated as potential reaction chambers for novel biosynthetic pathways.

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