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Biohybrid Nanoarchitectures:
Protein Adaptor Based Nano-Object Assembly

Functional Expansion of the Cell:
De Novo Organells &
Cellular Modules and Nanoreactors

Biogenic Materials:
Elastine like Proteins
ECM mimicking matrix proteins

Sustainable Biopolymers &
Scaffolds in
Regenerative Medicine

Bioorthogonal Chemistry & Bioconjugation:
Unnatural Amino Acids
Glycolipid Library Tool Box

Modular Molecular Tecton Library
for Biogenic Materials
by One-Vector-Toolbox-Platform (OVTP)

Bioprocess & Enzyme engineering
Peptide Generator
for Biopharmaceuticals

Biomimetic Systems
Membranebiochemistry for
tethered bilayer lipid membranes (tBLM)


 A. Biohybrid Nanoarchitectures and gold-nanoparticle guided assembly: PABNOA
  toroid adaptor   hedgehog hcp1chain


B. Quantum Dot Nanostructures & Protein Yoctowells

Quantum dots yoctowells

Schreiber, A., Huber, M. C., Coelfen, H., Schiller, S. M. "Protein Adaptor with Genetically Encoded Interaction-Sites Guiding the Hierarchical Assembly of Plasmonically Active Nanoarchitectures"
Nat Commun 6, (2015)
Schreiber, A., Schiller, S. M "Nanobiotechnology of Protein Compartments: Steps towards Nanofactories" Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials (ICE Virtual Library) 2013, 4, 2, 157-164

Schreiber, A., Yuan, Y., Huber, M. C., Thomann, R., Ziegler, A., Coelfen, H., Dengjel, J., Krueger, M., Schiller, S. M. "From Bioconjugation to Selfassembly in Nanobiotechnology: Quantum Dots Trapped and Stabilised by Toroid Protein Yoctowells" Advanced Engineering Materials 2012, 14, 6, B344-B350

Schreiber, A., Zaitseva, E., Thomann, Y., Thomann, R., Dengjel, J., Hanselmann, R., Schiller, S. M. "Protein Yoctowell Nanoarchitectures: Assembly of Donut Shaped Protein Containers and Nanofibres" Soft Matter 2011, 7 (6), 2875-2878


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